Congratulation to Aidan Madden for winning the Best Use of Pearls Award presented by Andrew Fraser. Aidan’s collection reinvents the delicate and classical pearl. Revealing layers of nacre and binding several pearls together. 


Congratulation to Michelle Lung for winning the Annoushka Graduate Award 2018, presented by Annoushka Ducas. Michelle’s work draws upon the current state of digital culture we are undoubtedly surrounded by and arguably depend on everyday.

Congratulation to Bam Jansanjai for winning the Annoushka Outstanding Design 2018,presented by Annoushka Ducas. Bam’s collection playfully explores themes of superstition and luck. Each one of these 13 pieces can be worn on different parts of the body. As ever we had a great evening celebrating all the stunning work the graduates have produced this year. 

Congratulation to Yayun Fang, our graduate this year, BA Jewellery Design! Her playful and experimental deconstructing “lace” design has won the attention of the judges and she has been selected as one of the Bright Young Gems 2018.


Maison/0 is an incubator of sustainable intelligence designed to provoke practices and challenge our collective futures.

Set up as part of the CSM LVMH partnership launched in May 2017, Maison/0 provides a platform to develop innovative sustainable projects across Central Saint Martins and LVMH. Leading the initiative in both local and global contexts, Professor Carole Collet is the inaugural CSM LVMH Director of Sustainable Innovation.

Matilde Mozzanega, our graduate this year at BA Jewellery Design is one of the winners of this exciting prize. Matilde transforms a man-made material into an organic form. In a kind of reversed alchemy that uses resin, her work creates a state-change; the end-product is an entirely new substance. Pitting nature against machine, she hardens paper so that it feels like rock yet looks like driftwood.