Munich Jewellery Week / Lin Cheung

ID 2018 Pendant Rock Crystal, lanyard

Pearl Necklace – Matinee 2018 Necklace Freshwater pearls, gold

Crystal Clear 2018 Brooch Rock Crystal, gold


Lin Cheung, our 3rd year pathway leader will be taking part in the Munich Jewellery week at Micheko Galerie, ‘A Work in Process’.

‘For me, making is a way of putting my thoughts in some sort of order. I appreciate clarity of thinking, a sense of purpose, a point to things and I usually seek to make work that aspires to a similar sort of logic. Having just returned from a sabbatical I have been in a period of uninterrupted concentration. This has allowed my mind – and hands – to freely wander and go adrift, occasionally astray. Consequently, this solo exhibition is an eclectic mix of new jewellery pieces that reflects some of the broad and diverse range of thoughts that have occupied my mind. Some thoughts are clear, some are vague, some are important and some are not – everything is a work in progress.’

Micheko Galerie

Opening: Tue 12.03 15:00

Regular hours:

Tue 12.03 11:00-21:00

Wed-Fri 13.-15.03 11:00-19:00

Sat 16.03 11:00-17:00

Sun-Mon 17.-18.03 11:00-15:00

Tue-Fri 19.-22.03 14:00-19:00

Sat 23.03 11:00-15:00


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