Monthly Archives: October 2016

BA Jewellery student Ely Cao has been awarded the ENJOIA’T Prize for Contemporary Jewellery Making. The ceremony of The Enjoia’t Awards, organised by FAD for the past two decades, runs as part of the Contemporary Jewellery Fair of Barcelona JOYA.



Two BA Jewellery students have designed awards for the launch of the Maths and Computing Suffrage Science Scheme, at Bletchley Park. Founded within The MRC Clinical Sciences Centre (CSC) at Imperial College London, the initiative saw 12 women receive awards to ‘celebrate their scientific achievements and ability to inspire others’.

‘The awards themselves are pieces of jewellery, designed by students at the arts college Central Saint Martins, and inspired by science. One is a golden brooch punctured with holes that encode a secrete message, reminiscent of the punctured tape once used to store computer data. The second, a silver bangle, also holds a secret. Engraved on the inside, and hidden beneath a layer of silver, is what many mathematicians consider the most beautiful equation in mathematics, Euler’s equation.’

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