Monthly Archives: June 2018

Eloise Kramer receiving her award for the Best Use of Non-Precious Metal

Picture of Eloise Kramer's work

Congratulation to Eloise Kramer for winning the Best Use of Non-Precious Metal, presented by Master of WC of Tin Plate Workers – Howard Reed.

Playing on the symbolism that fruit carries in 16th century still- life paintings, Eloise’s collection takes the peach as its shaping metaphor. Materialising and illustrating the maturation of the fruit, her pieces narrate different physical changes caused by bruising and the insects that it inevitably attracts.

Picture of Yuzhuo Fu with Dan Piersinaru

A picture of Yuzhuo Fu's work

Autor Contemporary Jewellery Award is a new award we have this year, presented by Dan Piersinaru.

Congratulation to Yuzhuo Fu for winning the award. Inspired by the spirit of Zen and Chinese Gongbi paintings, Yuzhui infuses her designs with the traditional craftsmanship and aesthetics of Chinese scholar-bureaucrats. By using springs, rivets and jump-rings, she creates fluent movement so that her jewellery reconstructs the harmonious philosophy that exists between nature and human.

Read the full article on Autor.

Michelle Lung receiving the Annoushka Graduate Award

A picture of Michelle Lung's work

Congratulation to Michelle Lung for winning the Annoushka Graduate Award 2018, presented by Annoushka Ducas. Michelle’s work draws upon the current state of digital culture we are undoubtedly surrounded by and arguably depend on everyday.

A picture of Bam Jansanjai receiving her award

A picture of Bam Jansanjai's work

Congratulation to Bam Jansanjai for winning the Annoushka Outstanding Design 2018,presented by Annoushka Ducas. Bam’s collection playfully explores themes of superstition and luck. Each one of these 13 pieces can be worn on different parts of the body. As ever we had a great evening celebrating all the stunning work the graduates have produced this year. 

An editorial shot of Yayun Fang's work

Congratulation to Yayun Fang, our graduate this year, BA Jewellery Design! Her playful and experimental deconstructing “lace” design has won the attention of the judges and she has been selected as one of the Bright Young Gems 2018.