Monthly Archives: December 2014

Otto Künzli

In addition to giving tutorials to some of the 3rd year students, Otto Kunzli gave two lectures this term, one about his long and brilliant career, the impact his trip to Japan and China had on his work and other influences and connections, and the other about his teaching at the Fine Arts Academy in Munich and the many innovative ways the jewellery students presented their work under his Professorship there.



Jasleen Kaur gave a lecture about her work, which operates within and inbetween several disciplines. As a Scottish Indian designer based in London, she spoke of her fascination of the evolution of cultural traditions and signals.  Her idiosyncratic designs offer witty interpretations of national customs, resourcefulness  and they reconsider use, routine and materiality.


.Kota Okuda Jewellery

Congratulations to BA Jewellery Design student Kota Okuda, who has been announced as the winner of the 2014 Swarovski Scholarship. The award allows the recipient to realise their design visions through financial support throughout the final year of their BA course.

Kota’s work was selected after the judges were attracted to his work which challenges not only the idea of jewelry design, but also the juxtaposition of British and American ethnic culture