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final2Congratulations to Percy Lau for winning the YKK Award in the ITS Accessories Awards 2013!

Percy’s original eyewear designs impressed the judges and caught their imagination at the ITS 2013 International Talent Support in Trieste. As well as the award, Percy will receive €10,000 euros and YKK’s support in developing the her career in fashion. She’ll also be featured in the September issue of Dazed&Confused. (Photography by Rachel Peng)


You can watch the award being presented on Vimeo.

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About International Talent Support (ITS):


“The aim of ITS is to give visibility, support and voice to young talents from every corner of the globe and offer the chance to have their work shown to a jury made up of real experts from the fashion, accessories and jewellery design world. ITS gives real support with a mix of cash prizes and a wide spectrum of job opportunities. ITS, presented by OTB, is a platform created and developed by EVE in cooperation with DIESEL, YKK and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS which are main partners”

The awarding judges were: Elisabetta Barracchia (Vogue Accessori/Vogue Gioiello); Antonella Bertegnin (Coordinator of the Trend Selection Fashion Committee – LineaPelle); Sara De Tullio (Head of Trend & Design dept. of Alcantara); Marco Grandi (Sales Manager of YKK Italia); Kei Kagami (Designer & Consultant YKK); Valentina Maggi (Director of Design Practise at Floriane de Saint Pierre et Associés; Yasuhiro Mihara (Footwear designer for Puma); Ana Rajcevic (winner of ITS Accessories Collection of the year in 2012); Isabella Zegrini (Christian Dior Haute Couture Accessories).

All ITS 2013 winners are listed here:

UAL CSM Blog news

CSM BA Jewellery graduates Sarah Ysabel Dyne Narici and Percy Lau have both been selected as Finalists at this year’s International Talent Support Awards in Trieste, 12 – 14th July. Sarah’s jewellery collection has been shortlisted for the ITS Jewelry Award and Percy’s eyewear collection has been shortlisted for the ITS Accessories Award. BA Jewellery tutor Lin Cheung attended the event and visited the ITS Archives to support both graduates. (Photography by Rachel Peng)


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