Monthly Archives: September 2016

Veronika Fabian and Emine Gulsal’s designs were chosen as winners of the Suffrage Science project last year, which was run in collaboration with the Medical Research Council. The jewellery pieces, based on Women in Maths and Computing, and made up by Year 3 Tutor Martin Baker, will be awarded to 10 outstanding women scientists in these fields at Bletchley Park on October 11th.

Vicky LewInternational Jewellery London

Winner – Vicky Lew

FLIGHT is Vicky Lew’s début collection, fuelled by nature-inspired forms and the juxtaposition of these forms on the human body.  Employing a traditional pavé-setting method, the instantaneous moment of take-off is alluded to through the use of perspective-localized angles, whereby the birds are only revealed from certain angles. As a result, a fleeting moment is afforded to the audience, giving the gem-set birds movement as the wearer moves. Pieces from this collection are made with Swarovski Gemstones, pavé-set in palladium and 18ct yellow gold.