Second Year Prizes


Necklace by Qing Lei

A live project sponsored by The Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers, was won by Qing Lei, second place was awarded to Tiffany Baehler and the prize for best workbook went to Jielu (Sylvia) Zhang. As well as prize money to assist with study costs, the winners have been invited to a enjoy the hospitality and ceremony of a Livery court dinner.


Bracelet by Jade Anderson

Jade Anderson has won the opportunity of an internship with designers Volker Koch and Oliver Rüüger. Oliver and Volker were impressed by Jade’s innovative use of rawhide when judging the recent leather project, they also noted the high standard of work across the year and gave honourable mentions to several students, inviting them for a tour of their studio and workshops.


A design competition, initiated by the Medical Research Council on the subject of Suffrage Science, has been won by Diana Dong and Lola Lou. A number of both designs will be made up by CSM lecturer Martin Baker and awarded to leading women scientists.

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